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Real Simple


Just perusing the Feb issue of Real Simple, when lo and behold...


Ferm Living Shop's A Week of Dishcloths got a shout out - so fun!


I use mine all the time. Right now, I've been working the Monday. I actually split the set with my mom, and it has been reported that she likes hers a lot too (even though, in an extremely selfish move, I steered her in the direction of not taking my favorite patterns).


If dishcloths aren't your cup of tea, might I also recommend A Week of Tea Towels. Again, rumor has it, I might have given some of these away, yet I still seem to have all my favorite patterns here. One can't be too selfish with the Ferm. On the off chance you're wondering, I'll note that just recently my hair guy suggested I rock some Lizzy Caplan bangs. In theory, this sounded extremely promising. In practice, they read a bit more Jim Carey circa Dumb and Dumber. You win some, you lose some.


Back to Real Simple. So, I tried this. Walking backwards on a treadmill is much, much harder than it looks. I'm sure that's a good thing from a health perspective, but it might not worth trying to do for the first time in front of other people is all I'll say.

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