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My AW 2014 Wish List

Oh, where to start! With marble candle holders? Sure. I most definitely want.

I'm a sucker for a hanging succulent.

And soft, striped mohair.

This will look amazing on my leather sofa. Done.

This too. Same.

I don't cook, so the ml thing is a non-issue. Thinking this would look pretty holding some spoons and what not.

Actually I do cook, if you consider tossing together a salad cooking. Which means I deserve these, I'm quite sure.

Okay, I don't cook, but I dry things. Definitely need this (or two). So pretty!

I don't cook, but I eat a lot. Yep, I need these napkins.

I don't cook, but I drink a lot. Yep, I need this pitcher too.

The pitcher would feel lonely w/out a mini pitcher. So this is also a must do. Just to be nice :)

And these are just too beautiful. It's a no brainer. They are going on the list.

Changing gears. This will make the perfect little shower caddy!

And this will hold toilet paper in style.

This will make looking in the mirror less of a drag.

Don't know what I'm going to do with this, but that won't stop me adding it to my list.

You can soon find me dreaming of ferm goodies under this pretty bed spread. Sweet dreams!


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