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Ferm in the North

Wow, we've been so busy around here! We're working on redoing our website, which if everything goes according to plan will launch later this week. Stay tuned! In the meantime, here are a few photos of how we do ferm in the cold North! There's Wade enjoying his new XL Kelim Section Rug.

And a juxtaposition of the prettiest magazine holder vs the ugliest socks you might ever see.

Here's Winter just being pretty on a frozen lake... I was on ice skates, BTW, taking one for the team.

And here she is enjoying her quilt cushion with me (although maybe not enjoying having her picture taken).

And then this happened in an attempt to demonstrate the coziness of our Squares Blanket (don't worry we took about 20 of them and this one was the best). Poor Winter. She's a very patient girl.

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